Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crane-Following Oath

I see myself standing on the shore, just where the water meets the land. I see myself, arms stretched to the sky, head thrown back, hair freely blowing in the salty sea air.

The cosmos spins on it's axis, and he comes...

I am the Crane, soaring above. She, below, is calling. As she focuses her energy, I see her begin to shimmer.

Soon, soon.

I circle her, once, twice, thrice, as her power continues to build.

Finally, her words become clear to me as she ceases to speak with her human voice and begins to speak from her spirit with conviction. I hear her. She is praying. She is praying to me.

"Garanus!" she cries. "I embark on a path today which shall lead me to new glades and deep, cool waters none have seen. I draw guidance from you who knows these paths and shows the way."

I see rays of light connecting her to the powers of the land, the sea and the sky as she speaks, growing brighter and wider with each declaration.

"I will bring with me a shield of piety to protect me and a fire of devotion to light the way. I will seek to serve those who drink from these same waters and travel these same paths."

Faces that flash before her and are projected from her mind into the very cosmos, connecting her to them as she is binding herself to me. "I will seek to serve and to support my community within and outside of ADF."

As I land before her on the shore, our eyes lock, and she states, "These things I Oath for as long as I follow you."

With that, she kisses her sacrifice and thrusts it into the waters knowing the action thusly binds her words, that the sea may rise up against her, the earth may open and devour her and the very sky may fall down around her should she fail.

And yet, she smiles as she walks away.

She smiles, because she walks with Cranes...

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