Monday, December 14, 2009

Order of the Crane First Oath Recap

So, I got lost on the way to ritual tonight. And, of course, something big happened to me, though on-the-sly for everyone else.

I got lost on my way to my very first rite with 3CG, Beltaine 2008. My review of that rite is the first post in my livejournal account. I had quite the epiphany that day.

I got lost on my way to my first Summerlands festival, which was also my first pagan festival ever. I learned several very deep and intimate lessons about myself, who I was and who I wanted to be.

I got lost going to the UUCE the night I had my 3CG initiation to become a full Grove Member.

And I got lost tonight.

It didn't occur to me that anything out of the ordinary may happen, though I will be paying more attention now that I see the pattern. It was a wonderful rite to Cerridwen with a theme of rebirthing. I was a bit scattered after being awake for only two hours (third shifters, eh?), half of which I spent driving with my daughter trying to find the site.

I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of some Sassafrassians that made me happy. :) I lead the music for this rite, including a toning that was really cool. I really enjoy it when everyone participates. You can feel the room begin to fill. [Note to self: ask about doing an instructional toning workshop.] The kids were cute. Aeryn played a wonderful praise song to Taliesin. Omens were good, ultimately. No one died, and Tigerlilly Willow Something-or-other (note to self again: ask Lisa what her new name is) made her initial Dedicant Oath.

Seeing Lisa give her oath reminded me that I was ready to schedule my Order of the Crane Crane-Following Oath. I pulled Seamus aside after rit, since he was the closest to me, and told him of my plans. Silly me. He said, "Well, why don't we do it right now." And then didn't listen to anything else I said. He hollered for Mike, who gave me his copy of the Order booklet (that has the oath texts in it) and even provided me with an offering, since this was all "on the fly."

So, there I stood, Seamus on my left, Mike behind me with his hand on my shoulder, Lees with a sickle around my neck and a few assorted witnesses. I took a moment and closed my eyes, pushing out into the cosmos for reassurance that this was what was wanted. I called silently to Garanus, the form in which I interact with Crane,
and feel a pulse returned to me. Yes, yes, now.

And so I gave my oath to be a Crane-Follower in the Order of the Crane. :)

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