Tuesday, June 8, 2010

As Fast as a Speeding Oak, My Brain...

Recent discussion on the Leadership list has been very thought-provoking, and it wasn't until the mention of Guild programs that I felt compelled enough to reply. I distinctly recall making an internal declaration that "Kirk said I could post to the lists if I wanted" before I began typing, and I still hesitated before I hit send. It hit me after my reply was met with continued discussion as though I belonged there.....that I belong there. *blink, blink*
As MA, I ghost all of the ADF lists, and I think in my puny brain I had made the assumption that I was only on this list because I am the MA. Duh, silly. I am on the Leadership list because I am the MA! ADF-Leadership is a list that I belong to, not one that I am ghosting. I bet that by the time I am NOT the MA anymore I will finally have my head wrapped around who I am. And then, of course, I will change, willow that I am. :)

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