Sunday, June 13, 2010

Returned BGSP Circle Course has me thinking...

I turned in my First Circle Composing Musician pieces, and they were returned. Not because there was a problem with them, but because the Preceptor (whom I adore and respect) wants me to add an introductory paragraph to each piece, explaining my motivation for the piece and the suggested use in ritual. That is not written in the SP requirements, but it is such a common sense thing that I am wondering why not! As soon as some MAdness settles down, I will be finishing these up and obtaining my first circle in the Bardic Guild.
On the verge of accomplishing a goal like this, I can look back at my growth and actually be proud of myself right now. Of course, I did it the hard way, completing the GSP courses rather than the BGSP-specific courses. When I made my ADF five-year plan, I anticipated much of this work would take a lot longer. As it stands now, all of my written coursework for the Bardic Guild is completed. I am at the mercy of the Muses now, and that's one of my favorite places to be.
As soon as I obtain my approval, these pieces will be listed on the ADF site under the BGSP completions, and it is my hope that sometime in the future, I will learn that something I wrote was used in someone else's ritual. The processional I wrote, incidentally, will be the very song played as a good friend and Grovemate walks down the aisle in October. I played it at my house the other day when some of the women were over to show a bardic-ly inclined Grovemate how easy it is to use Finale Notepad, and Mg came running down the steps, asking intensely, "What is that??" I began describing the piece for her, and when I got to the part where I relayed that it was a processional for something like an indoor rite, she added, "Or a wedding." This, this very type of thing, is why I write music. Music is not truly music until someone hears it. I am humbled by the chance ADF gives me to be heard.
I'm doing well. Not entirely healed, and I don't expect that for a long time to come, but these things are a good start. It's not always easy to heal when your pride is hurt, particularly when YOU are the one who has done the hurting, but doing something well and having others comment on something you have done well is salve for the wounded soul. The power of Words...

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