Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Won't Cry for You-Revised: Songs evolve, you know.

I was not surprised to find that it was raining today,
to find tears of rain streaming down the window pane.
My pillow, yet dry from the tears that I won't shed for you.
Sufficiently buried memories locked away as I wait.

I won't cry for you.
I won't wallow and weep.
I'll live my life as though the strife is not looming,
And wait for you, I'll wait for you, I wait.

It's a blessing that this numbness has descended.
Release from grief is hidden from my view.
No words to bring me comfort can you offer me.
No words to soothe your spirit can I offer back to you.

And I won't cry for you
as I hide your name in my heart.
The memories, yet precious, don't seem worth it
if the cost forever keeps us apart.

Unshed tears
Unshared words
Realized fears
Seperate worlds

The silence stills my sorrow as a sedative
where words would serve to fan the flame of hurt.
It might appear I've taken you for granted,
but outward "hurts" aren't the units used for measuring our worth.

I won't cry for you.
My hope is yet too great.
Time is all I have that I can give to you.
Your worth is great, so patiently I wait.

I was not surprised to find that it was raining today,
but not inside. No reason why. I wait.
No tears I'll cry as lovingly I wait

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