Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A poem in one sitting.

The following is an exercise found in The Bardic Handbook by Kevan Manwaring (full book review forthcoming after I work through more of it):

[Paraphrased] Intone Awen three times and wait for the Muse as you see him or her to arrive. Some may visualize the Goddess Brighid, who is the patroness of Bards. Some may see the wiccan Horned Consort. Some may see any of the various Greek Muses. Wait for your Muse to arrive and write a poem in one sitting.

Beautiful Lady, let me love you with the pen in my hand,
Crafting for you, capturing the very power of written word
And holding it as an offering for you.
I offer these words, written with such beauty and care,
And yet these words need a voice to fill them with magic.

Inspiring Woman, let me love you with the words in my mouth,
Giving them depth and breadth, giving them energy for motion
And propelling them forth as an offering for you.
I offer these words, spoken with such eloquence and beauty,
And yet these words must be infused with love to give them flight.

Gracious Goddess, let me love you with the song in my heart.
Let my voice rise to the loftiest heights of the heavens with your name upon my lips
And resound deep within the Earth as I sing your praises.
I offer these words, filled with love and wrapped in song
That they may be worthy to be held in the palm of your hand.

Now I think I must ponder this work and see what it says about my relationship with Brighid...

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