Friday, December 21, 2018

Hero's Journey Stage 2: Call to Adventure

Stage 2: Call to Adventure

The first step on this journey is realizing that such an expedition is possible. It IS possible to truly hear the call to make a change, to explore places you’ve never been, to take a risk, to be bold in your decisions—and without the desire to act on these, they are nothing more than the din of our inner minds. If we are too steeped in our Ordinary World, we may not even hear them. The mundane world is a loud place, full of sights and sounds and smells and tastes—all of which can serve to pull you away from listening to the small echoes of the You inside and prevent you from being present with your desire to make a change. In order to accept the call, we have to be dissatisfied with our status quo. We have to grow restless. We need to NEED a change.

We’ve all been there, felt the agony of sameness monoton-izing our lives. We’ve found ourselves edgy at the thought of going to work. We’ve felt the air get close as we draw near to the place from which we need to move on. We’ve seen others around us experience this feeling, as though the place itself is pushing them out. This is the call to Adventure.

Adventure is a big word: and big words call for big actions.

In the light of the second flame, we sink into the potential for change.

Guided Meditation: Becoming the Seed

Rest for a moment in the light of the second Flame.
Allow your eyes to close and breathe deeply,
pulling in the air of potential and pushing out the air of stagnation.
Feel yourself sinking slowly into the earth,
Resting in warmth and safety in her bosom,
Feeling the slow, steady heart beat of the Ancient Mother, dark and mysterious.
Feel your skin hardened as you descend,
Curl up within yourself and become a seed,
Full of potential for new life.
Inside this shell is familiar.
Inside, you are whole.
Inside, you are safe.
Inside, nothing ever happens—not to you or to anyone else.
But inside, nothing extraordinary ever happens.
Inside, you cannot see what extraordinary things may be happening to those around you.
Inside, you are alone yet full of potential.
Breathe in and feel your body flexing and attempting to expand in your restricted space.
Breathe out and feel relief as you shrink back from your walls.
Breathe in and feel the discomfort.
Breathe out and realize you are too big for this cage, for this cave of unbecoming.
As you continue to breathe, consider where you have become dormant inside your seed:
Is there a step you need to take to move away from a situation that is harming you or holding you back?
Is there a decision to be made that will catalyze your journey forward, in your career, in your love life, in your divinity relationships?
Take a moment and feel the restriction and be dissatisfied.
Be ready for something different.
Let the pain of being the same grow larger than the inevitable pain of change
And decide, within your shell, to change.

As you open your eyes, reflect for a moment on where you are stuck. Think about the looming decision or call to action in your life, and consider a journal entry for your thoughts.

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