Sunday, December 23, 2018

Hero's Journey Stage 4: Meeting the Mentor

Stage 4: Meeting the Mentor

We all receive help from time-to-time, whether from a family member, coworker, friend, or partner. Even our children provide lessons for those of us who have them.  In everyone’s life, someone emerges who far surpasses the basic role of trusted advisor and truly guides us through our fears, helping us to achieve our potential. These folx are the masters of our desired crafts and talents. They are the champions of our causes who advocate for our well-being and success. They show up with auspicious timing, right when we need them and often disappear just as abruptly.

On this journey, we look at who is with us, right now, walking this path alongside us as we contemplate the road before us. After facing our fear, the appearance of the mentor is welcome like the dawn after the dark of night. 

In the light of the fourth flame, we quest to meet our Spirit Mentor and guide on this adventure.

Guided Meditation: Meeting your Spirit Mentor

Rest in the light of the fourth Flame, and breathe deeply.
Allow your eyes to blur and drift closed, recalling your confinement within the seed.
You have seen your strength and embraced your courage.
You are ready to break the seed, cross the threshold, and begin, in earnest,
The next stage of your journey.
The world beyond your ordinary world is unknown.
What lies in wait? Who will I meet? What will I have to do? What, if anything, will I lose?
Turn your sight to the flame, ebbing and flowing in your chest, and breathe through these questions, setting them aside as the worries we set aside yesterday.
Continue to breathe and find peace within yourself at the prospect of moving forward.
From above you, cool, clean water washes over your shell,
Softening and bringing provisions for your journey to you inside.
Feel your shell becoming pliable.
Feel your mind fill with the knowledge you need.
Feel your hands fill with the ability to do the work before you.
As you bask in these welcome gifts, turn your mind’s eye up and ask the aether:
Who is watering my garden?
Who stands poised above your flowerbed with the watering can and fertilizer in hand, ensuring the world around you is full of everything you need to succeed?
This is your mentor for this journey. They may not be here for long, maybe just long enough to aid you as you cross this Threshold. But they are here.
Sit now with the knowledge that someone on the other side of this shell is waiting for you,
Ready to assist you, wanting you to succeed.
Feel this knowledge invigorating your spirit, motivating you to action.
You are not alone.

As you open your eyes, reflect for a moment on the mentor character(s) in your life. Are they in our world or one of the others? From which Kindred: humanity, noble kin, ancestors, or deity?  Consider a journal entry for your thoughts.

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