Sunday, September 7, 2008

Completing DP Essays and the Importance of a Solitary Druid

Finished revising my nine virtues essays, again (still waiting for feedback from a friend on Hospitality).
Finalized my essays on the high days.
Finished my Home Shrine Essay.
Finished my book report for A History of Pagan Europe.
Finalized essays for the three high days I have attended thus far.
Finished Shining Ones portion of Kindred essay.

Half-way through Being a Pagan.
Began Nature Spirits portion of Kindred Essay.
Began Dedicant Oath Rite text/completed two of the five songs.

Haven't started Two Powers Essay yet, though I have used it many times.
Still compiling journal entries for Mental Discipline and Nature Awareness activities.

Hearth Culture Chosen: Hellenic.
Still compiling information.
Reading. Reading. Reading.

I still have a long way to go, but I am moving at a good pace. The items I have finished will be reread in a few months, when they are not as fresh. I am pleased with my progress so far. I have not been able to attend as many of the Grove activities as I would like, but I knew when I started that I would spend quite a bit of time as a Solitary still. I am grateful that I have a Grove like Three Cranes who supports the solitary members of the local community. They allow me to be involved as little or as much as I can, and this freedom has helped me to flourish in a short amount of time. I encourage other Groves to reach out to the Solitaries in your area! The greatest thing you can do for them is show them you are there and constant, but allow them to be involved at their own pace. We aren't "cats that need to be herded." We are individuals who have different schedules and different patterns of privacy. We love our Gods, live fruitful lives, and just need the space to be who we are. Assimilation is not our strong point, but that doesn't mean we don't have anything to offer in the group setting. We can be resources for the Groves. We lead out own rites, so we understand the stresses of DIC. We can show you how to be organized enough to carry an entire Shrine for a high day all by yourself! We write a lot of our own prayers and rituals, even songs and chants. Above all else, we are working on and completing the study programs, just like the Grove members. We study and pray and do all the same things the Groves do--we just do them alone.

Let your Solitaries be examples of inner strength, discipline and independence.

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