Monday, April 19, 2010

Post-Trillium Bardic Inspiration

I bet your are probably expecting a festival review, yes? There were good workshops, good friends, a very special man, and more food for thought that I can digest in one sitting. I will say that I am both excessively proud and humbled at the same time--a very interesting internal dichotomy, if you've never experienced it.

Much of the weekend has lead up to bardic motivation, and I am currently writing a song for Freyja. For those of you who work with Freyja, you know where she can sometimes lead your thoughts. So, in an effort to have "those thoughts" out of the way so I can praise her in an appropriate (and more G-rated manner), I am posting this here. Disclaimers? This is an unrevised draft, and the minion in my pen made me do it.

Freyja, turn me down tonight
Cool this heat that burns inside
Freyja, grant control, my love,
O'er lust I can't abide!

The soft and sensual touches
Oh ,so hauntingly recalled
Intoxicating imprints
That yield my flesh enthralled

Lustful thoughts possess my mind
Please grant me one night’s rest
Keep at bay those memories of
His lips upon my breast!

Freyja, turn me down tonight
Remove him from my head
But if you won’t, Freyja, my love,
Turn my thoughts to you instead

Sea-Bright Freyja, Brising-magic Lady,
Instructor of Seidhr and foresight,
Vanadis Woman, beholden to none
Maiden of battle and might

Your words, like warm honey spill forth from your lips
To linger and tease at my ear
Your lips, a deep crimson and wet with sweet dew
Kiss away all my prudence and fear

Awakening passions stir slowly in time
with the beat of your heart through my veins
Sunset-red locks, cascading, they fall
To dance round your curves, oh so fain

The rise of your breast with the breath through your lips
The fall of your gaze as I stare
Then slowly, so slowly, you raise up your hands
Rendering flesh newly bared…

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