Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grove-Only Beltaine

Last night, I had the privilege of attending the Beltaine rite that chronarchy wrote for his Lit Practicum 2 CTP3 requirement. He continues to be an innovative liturgist, and the rite went very well! (I'll be sending you some comments in email form, Mike.) We were inside due to rain, and I would have liked to see the gate opening as it was written, but I'll let him give you the details. :)

By way of personal reflection, I want my Crane-kin to know that this rite was, for me, more healing than you can know. When we passed the flame around the altar, I literally felt the wall of disconnect that has been plaguing me crumbling around me, and for the first time in months, it felt like home again. Heh, and that was before you guys gave me a present. :)

I was given a token from the Grove in honor of my passing the DP. Well, my completion anniversary was last week, so close enough. :) It's beautiful, and I am still feeling the "warm fuzzies."

I also really enjoyed playing guitar with folk participation for the Waters. It makes my spirit soar to play music in ritual space, and last night was one of the best examples of that. I look forward to leading Traci's song at Beltaine this weekend!

I played my new song as an offering (which reminds me, I've not posted it here), and I received some good feedback, including "Gaia Consort-worthy." Why do you guys love me so much? I must have been very good in a previous life. I love you, too--very much!

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