Sunday, January 27, 2019

Prayer to Brighid of the Cowless (Brig Ambue)

Holy Water, Sacred Flame,
Lady Brighid, we seek your presence here.
Brig Ambue, Brighid of the Cowless,
With humility and grace, we call to you.
You, who dwell on the outskirts,
Holding those with nothing of their own to hold,
Bringing light into the darkness beyond our fires,
Purifying those who wish to return to the warmth of community.
Brig Ambue, we honor you.
Guide those of us with to give to those without
To fight against food and housing insecurity.
Bring us the enlightnenment of understanding
To accept those who are differently abled.
Strengthen our courage and resolve
To prepare us to stand against injustice.
Brig Ambue, we honor you.
Brig Ambue, purify our hearts and minds,
Soften our rigid ideals, and
Guide us to forgive others and ourselves,
As we walk the Elder Ways together,
Creating inclusive spaces where true healing may arise.
Brig Ambue, we honor you.

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