Monday, January 28, 2019

Prayer to Brighid of the Mantle

Holy Water, Sacred Flame, 
Lady Brighid, we seek your presence here. 
Brighid of the Mantle, Lady of the Lambs, 
You who shields us within your cloak
You who protects us from harm.
Lady of the Spear, bearing the orb of victory,
War-crowned maiden, we honor you.
Defend us against those who wish to harm us
That we be not slain nor wounded.
Shelter us from weather and war
That we be not rent asunder.
Protect us from the flames of anger
That we be not burnt or broken.
Lady Brighid, we honor you.
Brighid of the Mantle, embrace us in your arms.
Keep us safe through the dark of night and raging storms, and 
Guide us to find safe harbor in the tumultuous seas 
That we may find our foundation and strength once more.
Brighid of the Mantle, we honor you.

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