Thursday, January 31, 2019

Prayer to Brighid of the Forge Fires

Holy Water, Sacred Flame,
Lady Brighid, we seek your presence here.
Lady Brigantia, Keeper of the Forge!
You whose flames make the metals of earth malleable.
You whose fire burns away the dross.
You whose kiln turns our clay into fine, ceramic pottery.
Lady Brighid, we honor you.
Stoke the fires of transformation within us
That our fears may melt away.
Fan the flames surrounding us
That our courage may rise within.
Burn away the brush before us
That our path may be made clear.
Brighid of the Forge Fires, we honor you.
Brighid of the Forge Fires, ignite within us
The flames of transformation.
Drench us in the white-hot flames,
Clear away the impurities that rise to the surface,
And shape us anew that we may become better versions of ourselves.
Brighid of the Forge Fires, we honor you.

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