Friday, January 25, 2019

Prayer to Brighid, Sacred Midwife

Holy Water, Sacred Flame,
Lady Brighid, we seek your presence here.
Goddess of midwifery, toil, and strife.
You who champions the labor of our renewal.
You who moistens our brows
And guides us toward the light of new beginnings.
Lady Brighid, we honor you.
Turn our faces to the sun
That we may open as new blossoms in the spring.
Toil with us in our sacred work,
That we may bring our good deeds to fruition.
Aid us in letting go that we may begin again.
Lady Brighid, we honor you.
Brighid, Midwife, keep us strong and determined.
Help us to persevere and
Aid us in our unbearing
As we walk the Elder Ways together,
Bringing new life to the world around us.
Brighid, Midwife, we honor you.

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